Vernon Carriers have 35+ years of experience in the distribution of our clients goods and products.

Neil Vernon purchased his first truck in 1986 from an original business that had been successfully run for 40 years and owned by Des Wynn.

A second truck and first driver Ross Shennan came on board in 1989. Ross worked his way up through the business to become General Manager and after 31 years with the company, has recently retired.

As we have grown Vernon Carriers have had several sites including The Concourse in Henderson, Timothy Place in Avondale our previous site at 550 Rosebank Road and now we have moved to 482 Rosebank Road Avondale.

Vernon Carriers still operates its modern fleet of 8 trucks with 3 trailers. In 2012, the warehousing division (Vernon Logistics) moved in to a new commercial warehousing facility with over 7000 pallet capacity.